Weird bite thing on my stomach (pics)?

Answer Wash out the bite real well and let the dry skin fall off by itself, don't pick at it. If it gets worse go to the doctor.

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Are my eyebrows weird :S (pics)?

They don't look bad. If you like them who cares :)

Weird lookin' Bite!?

Why do you think it's not pus? Sounds like pus to me. If it's warm or red around the area, it could be infected, and you should get it checked out.

I have a weird bite on my arm?

Everyone heals differently and sometimes it results in weird lumps... don;t worry it will go away quickly.

Braces making my bite weird!?

I think it's normal to have that. I have braces and my front teeth on the top and bottom don't meet all the way. You can ask your orthodontist.