Weird & Wacky Beauty Treatments?

Answer Women have always gone to great efforts to make themselves appear more beautiful. From foot-binding to cosmetic surgery, across cultures and centuries, beauty treatments have involved magic, pain a... Read More »

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How to Answer a Weird and Wacky Interview Question?

Weird and wacky interview questions are done on purpose. They are a means to unsettle you, and to test your on-the-spot analytical ability and responsiveness under pressure. They may seem left fiel... Read More »

Wacky Beauty Tips?

Commercial beauty products tend to be pricey, and they promise you the moon, sun and stars but do not work any better than homemade skin care. There are some wacky beauty tips out there that may se... Read More »

Some weird beauty tips?

If you put chapstick or some kind of makeup with a greasy feel on your eyelids, it makes your eyeshadow go on smoother and last longer.If you have really big bags under your eyes, stick a metal spo... Read More »

Weird/Interesting beauty tricks?

I heard a good one recently that turned out to be true-- when using eyeshadow, if you put it lighter in the inner corner and darker in the outer corner, it will make your eyes appear bigger.Also, I... Read More »