Weird Keyboard Failure?

Answer It probably just has a connection problem. Try to see someone.

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Windows 7 keyboard and mouse failure?

Check your BIOS settings and make sure USB legacy keyboard and mouse support is enabled.

Why does the iPad keyboard always look so weird after I've been going on Language Perfect?

I KNOW!!!It's cause Language Perfect's is more rounded and has more rounded letters than the iPad's keyboard.The spacing is better than the iPad's (closer together on the App) and the colours are m... Read More »

My keyboard is acting weird question mark?

This has happened to me many times, mostly on video games. It only happens on certain things, other times it will be fine. If it is really bugging you you can just restart and it will be fixed. I a... Read More »

Does a gaming keyboard have faster response times than a regular keyboard?

Response speed is not one of the benefits offered by a gaming keyboard. Easy-to-manage macros, ergonomic design for commonly used keys and LCD readouts of important game data are the typical benefi... Read More »