Weird Inventions in Arizona?

Answer Maybe it's the dry heat, but Arizona residents are the inventors of some useful and unusual items. Sometimes, it's the Arizona inventor himself who is unusual. However you look at it, the United St... Read More »

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Weird Hotels in Arizona?

The American desert comes with all kinds of oddities. Whether because of the amount of space between the cities in Arizona or for some other--maybe supernatural--reason, many people in Arizona find... Read More »

Chaldea's Inventions?

The Chaldeans were part of an ancient civilization that included at various times the Babylonians, the Mesopotamians (of which Babylon was the center) and some later Sumerians. Eventually the name ... Read More »

1929 Inventions?

After the Roaring Twenties, in which the United States' thriving economy and social dynamism marked a period of great progress, the Stock Market Crash of 1929 brought forth the Great Depression. D... Read More »

Incan Inventions?

The Inca empire lasted between 1438 and 1532, when the empire was destroyed by the colonizing Spaniards. The Incas ruled a huge stretch of land, running through parts of what are now Columbia, Ecua... Read More »