Weird Inventions in Arizona?

Answer Maybe it's the dry heat, but Arizona residents are the inventors of some useful and unusual items. Sometimes, it's the Arizona inventor himself who is unusual. However you look at it, the United St... Read More »

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Weird Hotels in Arizona?

The American desert comes with all kinds of oddities. Whether because of the amount of space between the cities in Arizona or for some other--maybe supernatural--reason, many people in Arizona find... Read More »

Who can help with new inventions?

On One Hand: Patent OfficeThe United States Patent Office can help you protect your new ideas, even before it is thoroughly developed. You can file a Provisional Patent Application with the Patent ... Read More »

Top 3 Inventions From Kenya?

Without a lot of fanfare or expensive exhibitions, many useful and creative inventions have come out of Kenya as of late, including a refrigerator not requiring electricity and an alarm to keep you... Read More »

How do I get grants for inventions?

You might have an idea or invention you believe will change the world, but it means nothing if you can't bring the invention to life. The first thing you need is enough funding to develop a prototy... Read More »