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Answer well one kilo is equvilant to 2 pounds. So 2x4= 8. You want to lose 8 pounds. (just over half a stone). I think this goal is more than achivable- as people now-a-days are losing up 2 7 pounds in 2 ... Read More »

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Teen weight loss questions?

eat alot of meat like alot, stretch marks are actually from fat stretching the skin like how pregnant women have stretch marks having a baby, you should lose at least 5 inches off your waist (the ... Read More »

Weight loss question?

Weight loss question...?

How to Use Body Wraps for Weight Loss?

A natural herbal slimming body wrap is proven to help you reduce inches quickly. Toxins trapped in fat deposits produce cellulite. A slimming body wrap can help eliminate toxins without the need to... Read More »