Weight loss help please..?

Answer Eat more wholesome foods and less processed crap. No junk food and especially soda and fruit juices. Drink just water. You also need to begin working out. A combination of free weights and cardio w... Read More »

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Weight loss advice please :)?

"Usually I burn about 450, but sometimes up to 600 calories a work out." I'm not saying you're necessarily wrong, but those calculators on treadmills and such (which I assume you're using) are not ... Read More »

Weight loss tips please ?

I feel your problem even lose excess weight and body be nice consistent follow next health system will lose nearly 25 pounds in 90 days:1 - completely abstained from fat and carbohydrates such as r... Read More »

Weight loss tips please...?

1. Exercise. 2. drink water litres of it everyday. 3. no snacks. 4. eat 3 meals per day, smaller portions. 5. 1200 calories for 5 days 2 days of 600 calories. 6. take photos of your body dont rely ... Read More »

Weight Loss group...please join?

Hi chick count me in - If I am not preg this month then I am going on a huge diet and putting TTC off for a while. I have about 3 and a half stone to lose. AAAAAHHH!! lolxxx