Weight loss HELP! 10 points.. easy?

Answer well according to the listed website, your healthy weight with your height should be 133.... just think low after you start to lose weight it slows down so be happy... only 4 left to go! just keep ... Read More »

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Whats some good easy weight loss ideas?

Use calorie to keep track of nutritional information, ESPECIALLY if you want to eat out. You'd be surprised at some of the stuff, like fast food burgers being less calories than chicken sa... Read More »

Where I can found Safe & Easy Weight Loss with HCG Drops &Injections?

We've seen the same weight reduction ends in numerous people having the HCGdeclines as well as HCG injection therapy. We've acquired a minimum of 50 people do the declines for thefew days as well a... Read More »

Effective exercises/workouts needed that help shed weight remarkably!!Easy 10 Points ;)?

If you want to lose weight fat - start doing cardio.Target exercises (i.e. muscle exercises) don't help you shed weight on a certain part of your body, it doesnt work like that I am afraid. So if y... Read More »

Does phentermine work well for weight loss Fat loss to be specific?

Phentermine is a wonderful weight loss product. After my wife delivered our child, she started working out, exercising, and she was also supplementing with phentermine. She lost alot of fat in a fa... Read More »