Weight gain at 20 weeks pregnant?

Answer An ideal pregnancy weight gain starts with the addition of seven to 10 pounds in the first 20 weeks of pregnancy. Most pregnant woman don't gain much in the first 2-3 months.

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Is it possible to gain muscle weight within 2 weeks?

You will gain some muscle, but you'd be losing excess bod fat at the same time, and that should show as net weight loss on the scale.It's not the scale you need to down, esp at any price.You need t... Read More »

Is it possible to gain weight in the first weeks of pregnancy?

On One Hand: Weight Gain Can Occur Early in PregnancyMany expectant mothers suffer from swelling throughout pregnancy. Weight gain during the early weeks of pregnancy may be caused by fluid retenti... Read More »

How much weight should i gain by 20 weeks of pregnancy?

On One Hand: General GuidelineAccording to the March of Dimes Foundation, if a healthy women gains between one and four and half pounds in the first trimester, she should gain one pound each week f... Read More »

How much weight do you need to gain when pregnant?

The amount of weight gain that is suggested for a pregnant woman varies, based upon her pre-pregnancy weight and the number of babies she is carrying. However, for a healthy women pregnant with one... Read More »