Weedy Geraniums?

Answer There are numerous types of geranium weeds that infest lawns, such as cutleaf geraniums, shiny geraniums, herb Robert geraniums and Carolina geraniums. Oftentimes, weedy geraniums such as cutleaf g... Read More »

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Do Japanese beetles kill only white geraniums or all geraniums?

Japanese beetles do not kill white geraniums; in fact, white geraniums are popular plants used to kill Japanese beetles. The leaves of these plants are poisonous to Japanese beetles, but they are a... Read More »

How to Fix a Weedy Lawn?

Weeds on the lawn can be a major challenge for home owners. One of the best and least expensive ways of controlling them is to improve and stimulate the growing conditions for desirable turf grasse... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Geraniums?

Geraniums are flowering perennial shrubs. They offer the benefits of low maintenance, versatile growth habits, wide color selection and simple propagation, according to David Rodriguez, a horticult... Read More »

How do i trim geraniums?

Fall TrimmingDig up the geraniums from the garden before the first frost. Lift the root ball from the ground and place it in a large clay pot with fresh potting soil. Cut the plant back to 6 inches... Read More »