Weed or cigarettes He wants me to pick one.?

Answer Don't let him have either, stand your ground. Do you want to live with, possibly get married to, and have kids with a pot head, or a heavy smoker? He's going to die young if he keeps at it, and you... Read More »

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Should I buy weed or some cigarettes?

Its 420 but you're going to buy smokes anyway cuz its more addictive.

Should he smoke cigarettes or weed?

fags are bad for you and soon he will wanna smoke more than 4 a day and the health consequences will be bad he's probably addicted from smoking weed with tobacco. If he want's to smoke the weed why... Read More »

Is weed worse than cigarettes?

Cigs, they arent nicknamed cancer sticks for no reason.

Is smoking weed REALLY bad Like cigarettes?

Absolutely not. Weed is not addicting, 100% natural and is way less harsh on your lungs than cigs. Weed is also shown to stop tumors from growing and is prescribed to cancer patients undergoing che... Read More »