Weed addictive little use?

Answer If you are all that nervous about it ... cancel the whole trip and have done with it.I have never heard of anyone becoming addicted to weed.With that said, I would be cautious given that you are a... Read More »

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Is weed addictive?

Please BELIEVE me! Its NOT addictive!!!!!MARIJUANA MYTHSMyth: Today's marijuana is more potent and more harmful than it was many years ago.Fact: There is no medical evidence that shows high-potency... Read More »

Is weed addictive or harmful?

do not listen to what your health teachers and people around you say. marijuana is not harm full. and its only addictive if you let it become addictive. there is nothing addictive in marijuana. you... Read More »

Who thinks is a little too addictive?

Unfortunately, yes. However, like all addicts, I deny that it's even a problem. :)

Can weed killer be used on a little league field?

According to the Baseball Tomorrow Fund, using a pre-emergent weed killer is suggested to help control weeds. However, each Little League organization and region has their own maintenance specifica... Read More »