Wedding meringue recipe :)?

Answer Genoise with Buttercream-Italian MeringuePrep Time: 2 hr 0 minInactive Prep Time: -- Cook Time: 45 minLevel: DifficultServes: 1 (4-tier) wedding cakeIngredientsButtercream-Italian Me... Read More »

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Help! My daughter needs a recipe for a meat dish to serve four-six. Anyone have a very simple family recipe?

This is delicious and SOOO easyBAVARIAN BEEF BURGUNDY 1 lb. beef sirloin, cut into thin strips (or Tenderloin Tips)2 tbsp. butter1 c. mushrooms, sliced1/2 c. onion, chopped1 pkg. Kraft brown grav... Read More »

Who was the inventor of the meringue?

Though history doesn't shows one person as inventing the meringue, its earliest origins are in Puerto Rico. There, a variation of the dance, called the upa, began in 1842. However, the upa was seen... Read More »

Who invented meringue?

Italian chef Gaspirini is credited with inventing meringue in the Swiss town of Meiringen in the early 18th century. Other accounts trace the dish to French pastry chef François Massiolat, who inc... Read More »

What is meringue?

Consisting of stiffly beaten egg whites and sugar, meringue is a popular addition to desserts. Adding cream of tartar to help stiffen the egg whites is also common, though not necessary.HistoryA Sw... Read More »