Websites with curse words - penalties by Google/etc.?

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How many curse words Madea's Family Reunion have? or will work if u want the movie if u want the play no idea ive been looking for it forever now lol

How to Replace Swear Words with Less Offensive Words?

Though you may not realize it, swearing actually offends people. Furthermore, many people who are offended are slow to make it known for fear of ridicule. Avoiding swearing can also make you appear... Read More »

In fruits basket what has akito got to do with the curse?

Akito plays the part of "god" from a story that was told before.Trying to stay bound to all of the cursed members of the Sohma family forever, as if to never become lonely again.

In one episode of the tv show ben 10 Gwen tells ben that he win any girl's heart with 2 words What were those two words?