Websites to kill boredom?

Answer http://www.joecartoon.comhttp://www.miniclip.comhttp://www.ebaumsworld.com (careful some porn ads pop up everynow and then)

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Does any one know any goood websites to cure my boredom?

www.myheritage.comupload a photo of yourself, and in the free demo the system will compare your facial features with over 1200 famous people.

How to Kill Boredom by Making a Bored Box?

Boredom doesn't come when you have nothing fun to do, boredom comes when you don't want to do anything. There are many ways to kill boredom, but what's great about this one, is that anyone of any a... Read More »

I need websites to unblock websites at school?

You can unblock websites with a proxy, here are a few:http://www.15sec.orghttp://www.get-me.nethttp://www.kwimbo.comPlease share them with your friends or on myspace ;)Enjoy ;)

How to Get out of Boredom?

Have you ever been in a situation where there's absolutely nothing to do? Do you sometimes feel like you've tried every activity possible but you're still bored? If so, don't distress! Entertainmen... Read More »