Website that compresses videos?

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How to Put Youtube Videos on Your Website?

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How do I start a website with videos?

A website with video can be one of many things: a web log (commonly called a blog), a corporate website with uploaded videos, or any other type of website with broadcast content. Regardless of the ... Read More »

If I use a website to compress my videos will they still be in the same quality?

Well by compressing videos your video quality won't be the same as previous. But there are some apps which can help you converting movies in small size with LESS-LOSS of the quality of video. I don... Read More »

How do I convert website videos to MP4 files?

Download Video FileDownload a Flash video from a website. In most cases, the downloaded video will be either an FLV file or an AVI file.Download Conversion ProgramDownload a free program for conver... Read More »