Website keeps redirecting me.?

Answer If you tried to visit it on other devices and the result was the same, it is most likely an issue with the webpage itself.It would be much easier to help you if you also listed the webpage you are ... Read More »

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Website keeps redirecting to other sites?

Maybe the virus was not detecyed. You may have a Trojan on your computer. That is the worst virus. For HELP: What is a trojan virus?A trojan virus, also known as a trojan horse virus, is malware th... Read More »

Chrome keeps redirecting and opening?

ok ... first I would say (whether Chrome or Chromium) just downloading the most updated version and installing that may help, but SINCE it is happening on all browsers, I'd say it is malware relate... Read More »

My husband's laptop keeps redirecting him to other websites...?

sounds like a browser a spyware detector like spybot s&d is freegood luckM.

How can I react if my husband keeps sending anonymous messages to a t.v. star in her website?

I guess you have to remind him of reality. He is married to you and she will never want him. I hope that wasn't cruel, but sometimes life isn't a fairy tale.