Webcams dont work on my computer?

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Do webcams need DSL to work?

Streaming a webcam online needs an Internet speed of 76k to 128k (standard DSL speed) to perform the minimal 320-by-240 pixal image with a refresh rate of 15 frames per second. A webcam connection ... Read More »

How to Use Two Webcams at Once on One Computer?

Filming, personal chat conversations and overseas business: the reasons for using a webcam vary greatly from person to person. In fact, you may require the use of two webcams at the same time. Bec... Read More »

I already install my web camera but its did not work. i dont know if i have a problem on my cam or computer?

What laptop do you have? External camera or built-in? What brand of laptop?

Can you unsync an ipod from your computer when you dont have the computer?

Yes. Connect the ipod to another computer with itunes. Then when itunes pops up click "Yes" in the dialogue box that pops up. The box asks you if you want to erase the sync and make a new sync. If ... Read More »