Webcams... a little help?

Answer OMG! I want to know that too..I was so gonna ask the same. I have a Sony handycam 40x optical zoom.

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How to Use Webcams?

A webcam, which is used to capture motion pictures, usually connects to a computer with a USB cable. A popular use of webcams is for video chatting. The webcam streams a video of you and your surro... Read More »

Which is better between these 2 webcams?

You would get a better answer in the camcorder category. Me? I would go to or another vendor and read user reviews.

Webcams or camcorders?

a webcam need to all ways be connected to the computer, so would be useless for making films, but web cams are very cheap, so you could get him both :)

Do webcams need DSL to work?

Streaming a webcam online needs an Internet speed of 76k to 128k (standard DSL speed) to perform the minimal 320-by-240 pixal image with a refresh rate of 15 frames per second. A webcam connection ... Read More »