Webcam: what the f**** is that?

Answer Specifically it's a camera that allows an image to be transmitted on the Internet aka "The (World Wide) Web. Hence - Web-cam.Generically it's any camera built into, or designed to be connected to ... Read More »

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What is the best webcam that money can buy?

Hi the Microsoft LifeCam VX-5000 proves its worth with outstanding image quality, a funky and useful design, and low price.U can buy this webcam for just 39$ in many stores like TIGER DIRECT,NEW EG... Read More »

Is there firewire 2 USB cable I got a webcam that can be cnncted to PC by firewire but PC dsnt has that port?

There's NONE! Only way is Either you get a pci or Ext capture card with firewire ports or other external device (which is more expensive) like a camcorder with usb(with pass through capability).Bes... Read More »

Fun Games That Include a Webcam?

Webcam games are applications depending mainly on the use of computer cameras to record the player's movements. The gameplay is almost exclusively based on what the player is doing within the webca... Read More »

Im looking for a Webcam that will.............?

use a piece of software called uviewit it only records movement on your web cam