Webcam help pleassssssse ?

Answer If it says "Not compatible with Windows Vista" then it won't work.Download InstructionThis Camera will not work with Windows Vista.

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I have a camera/webcam but I don't know how to upload the webcam part and my guide doesn't tell me I NEED HELP?

I have found that, on most digital cams, if you hook the usb cable up, you can see the cam as a mass storage device, and be able to see the icons for the videos and pics you've taken.. simply make ... Read More »

ViewSonic Webcam and Logitech webcam help?

The Logitech webcam driver software you have installed later did over write some of the ViewSonic driver. The Webcam operating software is still there, but the software supporting some of the cont... Read More »

Cna you leave me a star , pleassssssse?

me too please,I've only ONE STAR despite 19 best answers,yet I've given loads out to deserving people. maybe it's because I'm male. STARS PLEASE. Thank you all, Y? I felt neglected and tears wer... Read More »

I need webcam help?

I know that on Macbooks, the camera is off until you manually turn it on. I am guessing that somewhere in the settings is a way to turn from off to on. Furthermore on the Macbook, there is a light ... Read More »