Web Service Authentication Methods?

Answer Web services allow for communication between a computer system's internal and external users and within multiple computer systems. They allow for data exchange and for a software system to share fu... Read More »

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EAP Authentication Methods?

When computers establish network communication with each other, each computer has to provide authentication, which proves that the computers are the devices that they claim to be. Without authentic... Read More »

IMAP Authentication Methods?

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is an email access program. This technology is useful because it allows people to send and receive email through a central server, without the necessity of h... Read More »

Excellent Customer Service Methods?

Customer service can be the difference between a company continuing to thrive and going out of business. No matter how successful or desired a product is, if a company fails to offer support to its... Read More »

Provide a brief note on two ways to carry out an advanced searches on the internet and Two methods used to ensure validity of internet service?