Web Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol?

Answer The Web Proxy Autodiscovery Protocol, or WPAD, is a method for synchronizing the proxy configuration of all the computers on a network. A network proxy manages Internet access for the computers on ... Read More »

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Explain how a VOIP call is set-up and carried over an IP network using the SIP protocol and a SIP proxy server?

My pleasure, but refresh this page because I'll be editing my answer (it'll be long).1. The SIP client, much like it's name, transmits packets on the SIP protocol, on a specified port. An IP router... Read More »

How do I disable Autodiscovery?

Windows XP, Vista and 7Click on the "Start" icon. Right-click on the "My Computer" icon (Windows XP) or "Computer" (Windows Vista or 7). Select "Manage" from the menu. Double-click on the "Services... Read More »

Will using proxy in Mozilla Firefox via the Firefox's proxy option affect other browsers?

It *shouldn't*, unless you've set up a global internet proxy on your system such that all your network traffic goes through it.

What are some proxy sites that do not use the word proxy?

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