Weaving Cap Techniques?

Answer Weaving caps are used primarily to protect the hair when wearing a wig or applying a quick weave. Quick weaves are "quick" in application and shed hours off the time it takes to apply a traditional... Read More »

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Braid Weaving Techniques?

There are three main ways to apply a hair weave: infusions, bonding and braiding. Braiding is one of the more popular weaving techniques; it is also healthy for the natural hair. Applying weave thr... Read More »

Needle Weaving Techniques?

Needle weaving consolidates two art forms: weaving and embroidery stitching. The concept of needle weaving revolves around the creation of a mesh- or screen-like structure that comes out as a bold ... Read More »

Techniques for Weaving Hair?

Several techniques for weaving hair can add body or length to your existing hairstyle. More complex hair-weaving methods also are used to hide thinning hair or cover a bald spot. When done by a pro... Read More »

Japanese Weaving Techniques?

Weaving textiles and fabrics in Japan dates back more than 2,000 years, during which weavers continuously developed and improved their techniques. The quality of the woven fabric, along with the te... Read More »