Wearing braces?

Answer the worst pain that you can ever feel in your mouth. but it only lasts for 1-2 weeks for the first 3 months of tightening. then you get used to it.

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After wearing braces a long time ago is it possible for your teeth to start misaligning and if misalignment is not severe is there any way to revert it without braces or surgery?

Answer Yes. The way you chew, wisdom teeth growing in (or being taken out), etc. can cause them to slowly move. You could get a retainer to wear at night to slow the movement.

If you are wearing braces when you die, do they take them off?

We would not remove the braces, that would not only be extremely difficult, but also unneccessary. We remove glasses during the embalming process, and contacts would surely be removed when we cle... Read More »

Can you drink ice tea while wearing braces?

You can drink it, but you should probably brush your teeth afterward to prevent staining.

I brush my teeth once a day, while wearing braces, is this okay?

Maintaining good oral hygeine is really imporant especially when you have braces. Reasons why it is important-brushing & flossing promotes healthy & strong teeth/gums. Braces help to straighten you... Read More »