Wearing A Bra to Sleep?

Answer I've heard that wearing a bra to sleep pushes your breasts up, it doesn't stop them from growing... and no it doesn't give you worms... cancer I really don't know... Research it.

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Will wearing PJs help you sleep?

On One Hand: Pajamas Can Facilitate SleepA good night's sleep is invaluable, and wearing pajamas serves several purposes. For one, dressing for bed helps establish a routine that aids in falling as... Read More »

Can you get breast cancer from wearing a bra to sleep?

No. There is no documented scientific evidence anywhere that suggests that wearing a bra to bed causes cancer. It's a myth.American Cancer Society: Bras and Breast Cancer Email Rumorhttp://www.canc... Read More »

Is it better for women to sleep with or without wearing a bra?

Without, for sure. Even if you have large breasts. They don't actually "need support" until you've gotten them used to wearing a bra. Like other parts of your body, your breasts actually have li... Read More »

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