Weaknesses of Mobile Phone Technology?

Answer Mobile phones have become ubiquitous over the past several years. While mobile phone technology has brought many advantages to users, it also has some disadvantages and weaknesses that should be co... Read More »

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Mobile Phone Technology in Japan?

Japan is well known for having highly advanced "keitai" (cell phone) technology, whose sophistication no other country can seem to approach. Yet for many, it's a mystery why Japanese phones are rar... Read More »

What is the purpose of 3G Technology in mobile phone?

What practical improvements would you like to see in mobile phone technology?

Lower costs with high quality serviceSomeway to prevent idle phone talk while driving. I'm tired of almost being hit by chatting drivers. It's become a three to four times a day event...a volume m... Read More »

How do I track a stolen car using mobile phone technology?

You can use mobile phone technology to track a stolen car if it has a vehicle recovery system installed. These systems rely on a combination of cellular and GPS location technology to locate and re... Read More »