Weak, Lazy, need to sleep, don't eat well, headaches, blurry eyes?

Answer You can heal yourself by just getting more sleep. Your body needs time where it can recover from a full day of walking around and being active. Also, you can combat the weak and lazy thing by exerc... Read More »

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Help I'm always ill, ibs, weak immune system, lazy eye, poor memory?

Have you been tested for Lyme Disease? Try this symptom list out:… If you circle 20 or more, you might have Lyme Disease and should get checked out for... Read More »

I'm 15 and today suddenly felt very weak and my vision was all blurry and discolured is there something wrong?

are you eating and drinking well? could be high or low blood pressure/ dehydration /blood sugar levels/ tiredness...- eat well, drink plenty of water and exercises to stay healthy and fit.but I th... Read More »

Headaches Associated with Astgmatism (Blurry Vision)?

If the headaches are due to eyestrain and the eyestrain is due to poor vision then they may do. Its certainly a first step, but the headaches may be due to somethng else. You dont' know until you h... Read More »

Shaky, nauseous, weak, with headaches?

Most likely just gastroenteritis, or some non-specific viral infections that causes systemic illness, so most likely you will be fine if you keep maintaining your hydration/caloric intake. However... Read More »