We will sell no wine before you buy it?

Answer Am I missing something, because I don't understand this. In order to sell anything, someone has to buy it from you. And if these people are gonna wait around until I buy wine from them, they will b... Read More »

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If I put one cup of red cooking wine into beef stew will you be able to taste the wine?

No, the alcohol cooks off. The wine will enhance the flavor.

Can I drink a bottle of white wine after ingesting a litre of red wine, or will it make me really sick?

Yes --- drinking 2 bottles of any wine (within a few hours or so) will either make you sick, or very very sleepy and maybe both.

How to Sell Wine?

Learn how to sell wine for a lucrative business venture. Wine merchants provide a product of great diversity in price and taste, but their product is popular and in demand because people enjoy wine... Read More »

How to Sell Wine in the UK?

The sale of wine in the UK is highly regulated. In addition to the usual steps you need to follow when you start a business in the UK, you will also need to fulfill some additional requirements nec... Read More »