We want a 50 to 52 inch big screen tv which is better Plasma or LCD?

Answer LCD TV ia better choice.LCDs were sporting features long the domain of plasma: bigger screens, greater contrast ratios, thinner and cheaper sets. LCD picture quality still failed to reach plasma le... Read More »

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Which is better for your eyes; a big LCD screen (17 inch) or small LCD screen (5 inch) ?

To add to answers already posted, the most impoirtan thing about LCD screens is to not sit too close to them. You would be furhter away from a 17" screen than you would have to be from a 5" (or d... Read More »

Which is better a plasma screen tv or a lcd screen tv?

plasma every time!!!! can i just laught at the lad that answered sony!!!! bet that was helpful!!!!

I want to buy a T.V which is better LCD or Plasma and why?

The answer to this question depends on the viewing environment and what you are going to be viewing on the TV.There are a few questions I would need answered like:1) The lighting in the room.2) Wha... Read More »

I am going to buy a new tv. which would be a better purchase LCD or plasma screen. All too technical for me!?

Here's the facts!Plasma TV's have the highest 'native' contrast ratios(40,000:1), giving them the blackest blacks and most vivid and rich looking colors! They also have the fastest response times(.... Read More »