We need to install a surveillance camera?

Answer If you look on this link , on the left side of the page in the link , there is a Box you can click on for Live Chat with a technician that knows all about it.. Hope this Helps

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Why cant we install a surveillance camera for a whole city?

The government here in the UK have wanted to do this for many year's now, andthe only thing that has stopped them is privacy laws.

Is it legal to install video surveillance camera on a private balcony?

If it's your balcony and you want to suveil it, then yes, perfectly legal.If it's not yours, then no, you have no right to do so.If it's your balcony and you want to surveil something from it, then... Read More »

How to Display a Surveillance Camera on an LCD?

A wireless surveillance camera transmits video to a receiver at a location removed from where the camera is located. You can display the video being captured by a wireless surveillance camera on a ... Read More »

Surveillance Camera Question?

I bought my packaged kit here and those come with the hard drive:…If the hard drive is not included then you need to buy one as nothing will record without... Read More »