We need Help naming a bar?

Answer Lucky Charms Bar, everyone likes a bar named after irish people

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Naming our restaurant?

1. The Suburban sounds pretty cool, I like it.2. Table.. Hmm sorry but I think this sounds a bit stupid (just my opinion!) "Hey let's go eat at Table!"3. Hashtag is a very hip and cool name if it's... Read More »

The "Would You Rather" Naming Challenge?

1. Ashley. It's an okay name for a boy.2. Attila. Hate the association but not the name.3. Quirinius. Nickname: Quin.4. Othello. It's my favourite play.5. Oscar6. Cain7. I'd rather die actually, bu... Read More »

Essay about naming...?

Man, I wish I could get an essay that interesting! Lol.My name is Kelly. 1. It gets mispelled pretty often. And I can't recall anyone ever randomly saying that they liked it.2. Well, my brother sug... Read More »

I'm having a naming crisis! Help!?

1 - To be brutally honest, I think it's utterly vile and I can't stand it. I agree that Addie is a gorgeous nickname, but it does not have to be used in conjunction with a rather butch name like Ad... Read More »