We might have hurt somebody help?

Answer Pranking fail.You forgot the flaming bag of dog poop.

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Am just really hurt inside....I think I might kill myself...please help me?

First think I have to tell you: it gets better.Man, I so know what you're talking about. I'm gay too and from the ages of like 13 -20 all I wanted was to die. I didn't do it because it would hur... Read More »

Whilst eating my fish and chips today, both of my teeth began to hurt. What might have caused this?

Did it give you a haddock?You should call an oral sturgeon.Oops, forgot. Insert "bloody" before each noun.

I might have TSS HELP!!?

I think the problem is that girl who coughed in your face, not the tampon. You simply have a bad cough. Punch that girl in the face next time you see her.

I might sound stupid but can somebody please tell me what a blog is?

You're not stupid. A blog is short for web log. It's an online diary or notebook of sorts. There are many popular blog sites such as Livejournal, MySpace and Google blogs. Yahoo has their own blog ... Read More »