We hooked up and it was ______?

Answer We hooked up and it was fun till you left :-(

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Why no sound on tv hooked to cable after being hooked to direct tv?

i have a VIZIO 32 inch tv. cant find the code to program to operate my tv

Can a Wii be hooked to a computer?

The Nintendo Wii cannot be hooked directly into a computer; however, the system can access the computer's Internet connection, if one is available. To do this, you need a broadband Internet connect... Read More »

What is a hooked rug?

A hooked rug is one made by pulling strips of yarn or fabric through a backing. People once made hooked rug out of salvaged or recycled materials, such as burlap bags and strips cut from old clothi... Read More »

How to Edge a Hooked Rug?

The finishing or edging your hooked-rug project is critical to the longevity of your design. A secure edge not only prevents fraying, but enhances the professional look of your work and protects th... Read More »