We have donated so much money to the Cancer Society - why isn't their a cure yet?

Answer thats a good point

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With ALL the money being donated/spent on cancer research, shouldn't we have a damn cure by now?

I'm with Robb on this. Because both of us took care of cancer patients and I am a cancer survior. You don't know what the "hell" you are talking about. If it wasn't for this research, perhaps ma... Read More »

Cure of Cancer where does my money go?

"I remember exactly where I was the very first time I learned that I was part of a global conspiracy, raking in millions of dollars and laughing sadistically as people died all around me: I was at ... Read More »

Person still alive and cancer free after using the cancer cure mentioned in "outsmart your cancer"?

Is it possible that this isnt lung cancer?

You answered your own question. Doctors don’t lie to their patients.