We have a problem with our adopted son how do you reverse an adoption?

Answer It is generally of extremely questionable morality and ethics to reverse an adoption; if the child had been born to you naturally, would you relinquish parental rights given the same "problem"? If ... Read More »

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How can you reverse an adoption in Oklahoma while living in Florida after learning your stepfather adopted you when you were very young but you have always gone by your real father's name and are 49?

Answer I'd suggest going to a family law attorney in Florida and discussing the situation.

How do you reverse adoption on a minor child with mental issues not disclosed before adoption from foster care system tha is destorying the rest of the family?

A child isn't a car if it was one of your natural children you could have it institutionalised so you can still do that any way.

Question for those who have a problem with adoptees in pain from adoption?

Why is that other friggin question still up? If Phil and i both reported her???Ugh. I don't think this site is safe for adoptees.If i'm not an adoptee can i still come with you guys?I'm so sorry ... Read More »

I gave my son up for adoption and he is now 12 years old and wants to see me. His adopted parents wont allow it. How old does a child have to be before he can have a say in court?

If you were born in California, there is a free reunion registry for adoptees and biological birth family members including birthmother, birthfather, and birthsiblings to locate each other and reun... Read More »