We have a friend who have a problem How can we help him?

Answer UN supports people who are in need. There is a UN department/agency at Russia.I just found something at this URL: 9, Leontyevsky Lane, 125009, Moscow... Read More »

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I have had this problem for a long time bad beath, help I have tried every tooth paste in sight.?

You should have a complete medical evaluation. Certain systemic illnesses can cause bad breath, and they have nothing to do with your mouth or teeth. Don't have your teeth pulled if they are hea... Read More »

How to Tell Your Friend They Have a Problem with Drugs?

A friend or family member who abuses drugs presents a danger to himself and to others. This person may be risking their position at work, ruining family relationships, making poor decisions that re... Read More »

Please help, my friend is telling me that if I don't have hd channels than i can't get hd quality help.?

You need both the HD box and you need to subscribe to HD channel package. Once you subscribe to the high def package ($10 month), you will see 2 channels for many of the different channels. One cha... Read More »

I have a problem...HELP!?

ok first of your in the wrong section of yahoo answers you are at the printer question section Second i think you should just let her break up with her i mean if he really loved her he would come b... Read More »