We filed on 1/17/2012, Why is the IRS telling us our DD will be 2/7/2012?

Answer Michelle, please excuse my REALLY long explanation but I figured I would provide all of the info I have picked up from scouring around so that you and everyone else may feel somewhat comforted. So... Read More »

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When must an LLC be filed in California?

LLC paperwork may be filed with the California Secretary of State year-round. You should file as soon as you decide to open a business, and you must file LLC paperwork within 90 days of submitting ... Read More »

What does it mean for a bill to be filed?

To file a bill means to introduce a piece of legislation, or proposed law, to a legislative body, such as a state legislature or the U.S. House of Representatives or Senate. Any member of a legisla... Read More »

Can taxes be filed twice?

Filing taxes twice within the same year is only done when you need an amendment to that year's return. Reason for this is a late W-2 or mistakes in the original return.Source:Internal Revenue Servi... Read More »

What happens when a judgement is filed against you?

If you defend yourself in a debt lawsuit and lose or neglect to appear at the hearing after being sued, the judge will grant a judgment to the plaintiff. The plaintiff then becomes a "judgment cred... Read More »