We can't get pregnant!?

Answer I would suggest eating ice cream before sex...Pink if you want a if you want a boy...pistachio if you want multiples...GOOD LUCK!

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How do you tell your ex boy friend that you are pregnant with his child after you told you cant get pregnant anymore?

stop lying. First off, let me say we can assume you lied about the fact that you can't get pregnant. Doctors do not throw that statement around, and nobody told you that. The only time "you can't... Read More »

Why cant i get pregnant?

I see what ya mean!! Your just looking for someone who feels the same..and I DO!!! It's so annoying!! I worked at a daycare before married and saw tons of people with kids who didn't even care if t... Read More »

What cant you do while pregnant?

Why cant you eat popcorn while pregnant?

The micorwave popcorn bags can contain perfluorooctanoate or PFOA's. PFOA's have been tied to birth defects in high exposure groups.