We are working overtime and are bored?

Answer I tasted something like this once, it was called" surely this isn't butter is it peeps?"It tasted like butter and looked like butter but it's really like a lead pound you find in your pocket from t... Read More »

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How to Get out of Working Overtime?

Working overtime is not only an annoyance, taking over your day and letting work take over your life, but a health hazard as well. A superfluous diet of work has been proven to lead increases in bl... Read More »

Websites please! i am bored. very bored?

There's this thing called Google. Not sure if you ever heard of it?

I'm bored...are you bored How well known are you in the NB&B section?

Yeah I am pretty bored. Waiting for my back rub from my husband. Wonder when that is going to happen?

How is overtime calculated?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employers that allow employees to work overtime hours must pay them overtime wages. Generally, hours worked in excess of 40 are paid at the employee's ove... Read More »