We are thinking of moving to Spain will our TV work there?

Answer i know that anything eletrical taken from uk to mainland spain works as mum buys here and takes over there you may have to change the plug to a two pin but thats not a problem

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I live in Spain but i'm moving to London. Would my spanish TV work in England 6 years old normal loewe Tv?

The UK system is PAL/I which has a different sound system from PAL/BG. However, Loewe TVs are something special. My daughter bought one in London and uses it now in New York City -- NTSC country. I... Read More »

Will there be a 4.2.1 jailbreak for 3 gen if so when you got 4.2.1 thinking you could jailbreak but now you cant will there be one how long will you have to wait?

Will my dvd player work in Spain?

It will still play the format type that you are currently using.

On moving to spain can we thake our potted plants?

I believe the first answer is right, but the second has merit, who's going to know if you don't tell them.For a different angle, why would you want to. If you sell them in the UK, you could buy man... Read More »