We are receving an error code on our HP Color Laser Het 3600n Here's what it says:?

Answer This is usually associated with a bad or corrupt printer driver, or one that is not quite compatible with your current software or job type.I've always seemed to be able to correct this problem by ... Read More »

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My computer says something error on internet what can i do?

My camera says memory card error, what should i do?

Try taking your memory card to Walmart or Costco to save any pics that are on the card. Then maybe you can reformat the card to get it working again without losing your pictures.

I have a fuser error 50.1 what is the problem on my Hp laser printer?

To the best of my knowledge I think it might be something electrical. and with the 50.1 fuser error the first place to look would be a dc controller error. You could re install the firmware but i... Read More »

What do you do if your A95 cannon powershot says memory card error?

Canonization is a process that the Catholic Church uses to recognize saints. It is used to prove that the person lived a life of heroic virtue and is in Heaven. The Church does not make saints, tha... Read More »