We are paying £17.99 a month for 2 meg broadband on Virgin Media. Are we being ripped off?

Answer Absolutely! Phone them and tell them you want to cancel as 8MB ADSL is way cheaper. They'll drop your price.In fact, check this out:…

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Bt Broadband Vrs Sky Broadband Vrs Virgin Media?

!I have been with Virgin for 13 years when they first started in 1994 in the UK. I've had fibre optic Broadband since it first came on line about nine years ago from dial up.If you want to sacrific... Read More »

Help with virgin media broadband superhub?

Is virgin media national broadband any good?

Hi there JohnVirgin Media has a Fair Use Policy which which as long as customers don't exceed thier Broadband Service fair Use daily limits they will not suffer any speed reductions.But for custome... Read More »

Who else lost their Virgin media broadband last night?

hi pingu, mine has been off for over a week now at home, they said it was technical, so I'm having to have my yahoo fix at work all the time