We are having a debate at work - one or two spaces after a full stop?

Answer 2 spaces after a full stop and 1 after a comma

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Is it normal to stop having pregnancy symptoms after the first few weeks when i been having them?

That all depends on the symptoms and the person. If you're really concerned, your absolute best bet will always be to talk to your OB/GYN.

Hi Girls we are having a debate here in work do women prefer men with or with out hairy chests thanks?

It all depends on whether he works out or not. If he works out hair! If he sees the gym only when he walks by after his trip to Taco Bell, then it better be hairy!

How do I stop eating after I'm full?

Um, put the fork down and back away from the table

How to Stop Hair Loss After Having a Baby?

Having a baby can be a wonderful and life-changing experience. Sometimes, however, women can experience hair loss after giving birth to their children. Here are some simple ways to prevent your hai... Read More »