We are going out for a late dinner. Which cut of steak do you like most?

Answer Kobe steak.…But it is very very expensive.... but I come every time.

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Steak Dinner Fish Dinner Chicken Dinner Or Vegetarian Dinner Which would you prefer better?

Medium rare Fillet Mignon seasoned with sea salt and pepper...with al dente asparagus and seasoned rice.. and of course, red wine ;)

Dinner for Dune and I would like to know a great way to cook a Porterhouse steak....?

I like meat as natural tasting as possible so I just sprinkle the steak with salt and pepper then broil it on each side till it is done the way I like it. A baked potato with sour cream and butter... Read More »

Hot dogs and steak fries or hot wings and steak fries for dinner hurry im hungry......?

Steak Ribs Or Chicken Which do you like better?

Barbecue Ribs, If they are tender and fixed right! I always enjoyed cooking ribs for my kids. They love them!