Ways to tell your boyfriend that you're pregnant and want to keep the baby?

Answer Answer: Just tell him.. Tell him that you are pregnant, it's his, and that you want to keep it... Now I don't know if you care about what your boyfriend thinks, but if he doesn't want it then he wi... Read More »

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What does it mean when your boyfriend has a dream that youre pregnant with twins?

What do you do if you are 15 and pregnant and your boyfriend will soon be 18 but you both want the baby?

I'm 15 also and 17 weeks pregnant and I'm keeping it. You should definitely tell your parents. Mine were upset very disappointed in me but supportive. If the father of the baby is there that's even... Read More »

You and your boyfriend had tried to have a baby and you never got pregnant.can he have kids?

the weird thing is that me and my boyfriend were trying to have a baby. We thought that he was unable to have kids. We gave up trying and I ended up getting pregnant. Pregnancy seems to want to com... Read More »

What should you do if your 14 and you want a baby and your pregnant but your boyfriend doesnt?

When getting pregnant as young as this very very few relationships last and you should be prepared for being a single parent if you choose to keep it. He still have to pay child support. There is n... Read More »