Ways to rebel against your parents?

Answer Simply do whatever you want. This does not mean doing drugs or smoking or having unprotected sex. Of course, you can do these things if you want to; however it would be incredibly stupid.You should... Read More »

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How to Rebel Against Your Parents?

It is never a good idea to rebel against your parents, unless they deserve it. Let's say they punished you for no reason, then it is time for some rebel action.

What Are Three Ways Teachers Are Like Your Parents?

Parents guide and nurture their children as they grow up. When children start school, parents must hand off some of this responsibility and entrust it to the educators who will be looking after the... Read More »

Will my 35mm lenses from my Cannon Rebel work on a digital Rebel?

First off, Throivan doesn't know what he/she's talking about. You can always use Film lenses on Digital SLR cameras. You cannot always use Digitally specific lenses on Film cameras. When you use a ... Read More »

Ways Parents Can Help Students at School?

Schools can unlock your child's potential, but they cannot do it alone. Teachers work with large numbers of students on a daily basis, and provide education to each child. Parents have fewer childr... Read More »