Ways to rebel against your parents?

Answer Simply do whatever you want. This does not mean doing drugs or smoking or having unprotected sex. Of course, you can do these things if you want to; however it would be incredibly stupid.You should... Read More »

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How to Rebel Against Your Parents?

It is never a good idea to rebel against your parents, unless they deserve it. Let's say they punished you for no reason, then it is time for some rebel action.

How to Handle Anger Against Your Parents?

Sometimes, you may want to just walk out of the house or ignore your parent's rules. Instead, you need to be responsive to their worries. You'll most likely find yourself doing things that were ban... Read More »

If you are 16 and your girlfriend is 15 and she is pregnant do you have the right to keep the baby even if it is against your parents' wishes?

Answer Yes, an unmarried pregnant minor has all the legal rights to their child as does an adult. No one including parent(s) can force her to place the child for adoption, have an abortion or relin... Read More »

Can you press charges against your parents for assault?

Answer It depends on what you consider assault and what age you are.Here are the rules in most states: A parent (in some States) can spank a child, but use no weapon such as a belt, strap, wooden s... Read More »