Ways to make your vagina tighter?

Answer Kegel exercise are the best. I do them on a regular basis and my husbands tell me its like I'm tight as a virgin every time. You can also move those muscles during sex to tight up on your mans peni... Read More »

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Do kegel exercises make your vagina tighter?

On One Hand: Benefits of Kegel ExercisesAccording to Sue Johanson, RN, Kegel exercises are a series of movements that improve the strength of the pelvic floor by contracting and releasing those mus... Read More »

If you get pregnant from not having sex ie other ways the sperm could get into vagina can that affect how your pregnancy is?

Answer No this wont effect how your pregnancy progresses. However it is HIGHLY unlikely to become pregnant that way. Answer If you are talking about getting pregnant by using a syringe or similar, ... Read More »

What are the ways I can do if I want to get pregnant but not shooting sperms inside my vagina?

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