Ways to encourage positive behaviour in preschool children?

Answer I agree whole-heartedly with the suggestion of setting a good example with your kind actions. Also, I agree that point-based systems are confusing and can be stressful for a preschooler.I'd like t... Read More »

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How to Encourage Good Behaviour in Children?

Are you kids not showing you the respect that you deserve? Do you feel that you kids are being spoiled? Are the kids gettting into bad behaviour? With these steps you kids will know who is the boss... Read More »

How to respond to children's challenging behaviour according to their age?

First of all, you have to have knowledge about children's development in order to respond to their behavior appropriately. For example, if you are talking about toddlers who are biting, you don't ... Read More »

What is meant by appropiate behaviour when interacting with children?

BE NICE TO THEM AND NOT ALL GROSS !give them some space they dont want to be with you 24/7

Should parents be held responsible for their children's behaviour?

That is a debatable question. It all depends on the age and situation of the child. Obviously young children (from birth, toddlers and early adolescences) can barely think for themselves let alone ... Read More »