Ways to convince mom to let me get a facebook?

Answer Good luck! My parents are the same way. I'm 17, and they are helocopter parents. They forbid me to have a myspace or facebook. But I got a facebook page anyways, they found out, got mad, grounded m... Read More »

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How can i convince my mom to let me have a facebook?

well you could point out some differences about facebook that make it a little better (in my opinion) than other social sites.1) People can only talk to you if you add them as a friend2) also, priv... Read More »

How can i convince my parents to let me get a facebook?

But your right, it is boring. Just tell your parents, it's a way of keeping in contact with your friends. Tell them a benefit will be, cheaper phone bills - because you will contact your friends vi... Read More »

How can I convince my parents to let me have Facebook?

How to Convince Your Parents to Let You Get a Facebook Account?

In the modern world with its focus on game consoles, internet, and chat rooms, websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace play an important part in many young people's lives. These websites are a... Read More »