Ways to Teach the Biosphere?

Answer Effective teaching about the biosphere engages students in the study of life on Earth. Students have the opportunity to learn about ecology, biology, evolution and earth science while they explore ... Read More »

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Different Ways to Teach Subtraction?

Teaching subtraction is an essential part of elementary math class. Because of the age of students in low-level math courses, teachers may prefer to avoid using the standard textbook approach to te... Read More »

Ways to Teach Empathy?

Empathy is the ability to imagine experiencing another person's situation and emotional reaction to that situation. A sign of maturity, empathy allows people to feel compassion, respond with kindne... Read More »

Fun Ways to Teach Typing?

Proficient typing skills are an essential part of a quality curriculum. Students must spend hours practicing the correct positions and memorizing letter keys in order to become a typist. Keyboardin... Read More »

Fun Ways to Teach "Be" Verbs?

"Be" is one of the most difficult English verbs to conjugate. Other forms of the verb such as "are," "is" or "am" are all very different. ESL speakers often have particular difficulty with these fo... Read More »